*NEWSLETTERS - Below is our newsletter.  
If you would prefer to receive the newsletter via email and are not already on
our mailing list, please contact the office.

****CAUTION**** - Beware of  snakes.  
Also, spray your units with pesticides for insects such as scorpions & spiders

TRASH DUMPSTER - Please remember to break down all empty boxes and
observe dumpster etiquette.

OWNERS - Remember to update the office when ever you have a change of
address, telephone number, email address, or sale/rent info.

SALE / RENT – If you want to sell or rent your unit, contact the office with
your info and we will post it here and in our newsletter.

RENTALS - New Tenant Registration Forms are located on forms tab and in the
office.  If you rent your unit, please instruct your tenant to stop by the office
with a completed tenant registration form to pay the security deposit.  The office
will provide them with their own access code; please DO NOT provide them with
your access code.

Note from the Board

The security system has been updated. Your numeric codes will continue to
access the propery. Your proximity devices and wireless key remotes will not.
Please contact the office to exchange them for new ones.

New gate remotes are available in the office for a fee of $23.00 for visor type
and $39.00 for key chain type, this fee is refunded to you upon the return of the

Have you remembered to check you doors and spray your springs for ease of
use? We recommend Garage Door Lubricant.

The speed limit is 5MPH.  Please be cautious as you drive through the complex.  
Others might be just around the corner that you can't see.

I would like to thank all the owners who are helping keep the common grounds
and the rest rooms clean and in good shape.  We appreciate the effort you, the
owners, have put out to keep our premises in great shape.

Next Board Meetings
at the Premier Storage 3400 Sweetwater Ave  Lake Havasu City  AZ

Quarterly Meeting November 9th 2019 @ 9:00 am

Annual Meeting Saturday February 8th 2020 @ 1:00 pm